Saturday, July 18, 2009

Obituary: New York Mets, 89 Games
Former Major League Baseball Team

Lets have a moment of silence for the 2009 Mets. They're gone before their time. A sad story really. A few observations.

Carlos Delgado started with a minor injury, he was day to day, then he was DL'ed as a precaution, now he's got a degenerative injury that may threaten his career (PS the Mets knew he had this hip condition when they re-upped his contract). Jose Reyes started with a minor injury, he was day to day, he was DL'ed as a precaution, and now he's got an injury that may threaten his season, Carlos Beltran had a lingering injury, was day to day, was DL'ed as a precaution, and now has an injury that may threaten his career, John Maine was initially DL'ed solely as a precaution with an injury that wasn't too serious, definitely didn't need all 15 days of DL time, but now he has an injury that is threatening his season. Now Gary Sheffield has had a lingering knee issue, has had several cortisone shots, and just last night seems to have seriously injured himself in his, wait for it, knee, except the Mets are saying he's just day to day at this point. Any guesses as to how that will turn out?

Let's not also forget Oliver Perez, JJ Putz, Ryan Church, Alex Cora, and Fernando Martinez have all spent extended periods of time on the DL this season as well.

Another thing. Omar, I'm at a loss as to what's going on with the reserves here. Are you getting some kind of AARP discount rates on hotel stays by having Alex Cora, Gary Sheffield, Fernando Tatis, Tim Redding, Ramon Martinez, and Argenis Reyes on the roster? This is a pattern. Over the past several years the Mets have entered the season with guys like Moises Alou and Marlon Anderson as starting outfielders. In fact, does anyone even remember the last time the Mets had 3 solid outfielders playing every day? Was it 1988?

Omar, for every good move you've made, I can count 3 bad ones that have cancelled that good one out. And these are not things that turned out badly in retrospect. There wasn't anyone except for you who wanted to do things like sign Moises Alou, sign Guillermo Mota, pick up the option on Delgado, and sign Louis Castillo to a fucking 4 year deal when no one else even wanted him and his two different length legs walking all lopsided and shit. And I don't even want to start on the bullpen.

I guess we can't really expect much from a team whose owner isn't even a Mets fan. Have you seen that Rotunda? Does he know that the Dodgers are still in existence?

Lastly, I just want to issue an apology from a Mets fan to Ryan Church. Ryan, I have no idea why the team tried to threaten your life by putting you on a plane the day after your second concussion and go to Denver Colorado, of all places. I don't know why they didn't let you get healthy before trying to put you back on the field. I don't know why they refused to play you every day after you finally did get healthy no thanks to the team. I have no idea why you would be sitting on the bench watching Gary Sheffield and Fernando Tatis run around the outfield like it was a Boca Raton early bird dinner buffet. You got a raw deal, you should have played every day, you could have been a contender. At least you're in a better place now and I wish you well. That's more than I can say for the rest of us who are still stuck with this "baseball team".


Side Bar said...

Impossible to argue with this in any respect. I have been telling Open Bar all year that it is going to get better, guys are going to come back, they are going to make a push in August and September, etc., etc. But I was wrong or deluding myself. This was a flawed team that came wholly undone once they hit a patch of bad luck.

The team has been poorly managed on the field (Murphy in left while Church sits against a righty starter?) and off the field (scraped knees become life-threatening injuries, as Jerry chronicled perfectly (and as the team's manager even joked about on the air recently)).

Losing Beltran, Reyes and Delgado for an extended period of time is very bad luck, but the Mets have compounded their bad luck with pitiful moves to compensate.

And I echo the apology to Ryan Church in the strongest terms. I hope he reads our blog.

Open Bar said...

Thank you, Chuck, for posting that. I have been physically unable to write a thing about this damn team for a while now, but you said it all pretty well.

Today we heard that Fernando Nieve has a torn muscle and will be out for six weeks. Let's put that through our Mets Injury Bullshit Translator and see what comes out...

Oooohhh, bad news for Fernando. Looks like he has a rare combination of SARS, Bird Flu, two broken femurs, a right hand that requires amputation, total blindness, and wow -- somewhat anticlimactic -- a common cold.

But hey, just like any ordinary slump, a cold is something that shows up and doesn't go away for two weeks. So he's got that to look forward to.