Friday, August 14, 2009

What the Eff, America? Ed Hardy Edition

Take a good look at this picture on the right there. This is Jon Gosselin who, along with Spencer Pratt, currently co-chairs the Douchebag of America Society. This picture perfectly encapsulates my feelings on this newest trend of idiocy in American society.

This whole Ed Hardy fashion thing is really just very stupid. I mean, it's a tattoo artist whose designs were co-opted by the same gie who made the Von Dutch brand a flash in the pan trend and put on t-shirts and sweatshirts and so on and so forth and sold to the masses at ridiculous prices. And then the masses were like, well, I don't have a big ass tattoo of an eagle on my chest because if I did that it would be mad weird, but I want to appear as if I have a big eagle tattoo on my chest and as if I always show it off except in like another 6 months when it's no longer cool to have all these shirts that look like I have tattoos all over myself or shoes or sweatshirts or handbags or anything then I'll just have a bunch of dishrags with eagles and dragons and skulls and tigers growling on them that cost me $40 each; well, it was fun while it lasted and when I look back at pictures of myself at this time I'll wonder what the hell I was thinking, kindof like that Flock of Seagulls thing back in the '80s.

I mean, tattooing to this extent is really a subculture of people who are really dedicated the whole idea of body as art and the beauty of the designs and such. Also if you get tattoos like that then you know going in that you have to live with them forever. When you get an Ed Hardy t-shirt, you violate everything that that particular subculture stands for. Did I forget to mention that all of these t-shirts and such are really ugly? You look like a fucking idiot walking down the street in these ridiculous clothes and its made worse because you think you look cool. Do these gies look cool? Answer me!


Open Bar said...

Jon Gosselin is nowhere near Spencer Pratt's level of douche. I actually feel somewhat bad for (and impressed by) Jon for having gone through the marital waterboarding that is Kate, whereas I would not feel bad at all if I heard that Spencer got fisted by a giant demon wearing a glove made of hellfire and AIDS.

In fact, it would make my day.

ChuckJerry said...

Actually, i kindof agree with you, Open. If I were married to a woman who thought that I was dumber than her six 4 year old kids I think I'd go kindof crazy too. I never watched that show with any regularity, but whenever I did catch some of it all I saw was Kate bitching out Jon for no reason at all.

Even with that as a given, however, Jon is still a douchebag. Maybe not a a Prattian level, but a douchebag nonetheless.

Side Bar said...

I don't know, you almost have to respect someone with the balls to charge $132 for a t-shirt (yes, I checked). Not the person who wears it mind, you, he is just an idiot. But the guy who makes a t-shirt and says to himself, if anyone wants this, they are paying me $132. That's kind of bad ass.