Friday, April 11, 2008

Canceling Flights

This just in, American Ailrlines sucks as a company. Now most of these flight cancellations, as best as I understand, are based on something dealing with bundling wires so that they don't chafe together. Also this is something that American checked themselves about two weeks ago and determined to be in good condition. As it turns out, apparently *every single plane* of a certain class of theirs was assembled incorrectly. That being said, these wires were used to support the backup systems of the airplane in case something goes wrong, which is rare. In a worst case secnario, the wires could chafe, give off sparks, and blow up the plane. This, again as best as I can tell, has never happened.

Isn't this pulling the whole fleet of planes off the circuit all at once a bit of an overreaction? Couldn't they just pull one or two planes off at a time and fix this? In order for this to be an issue and cause a crash (which hasn't happened since 2001 for an unrelated reason) several things would have to go wrong. There would have to be some kind of malfunction in the main system and the wires in the backup system would have to chafe to the point of malfunctioning. I get the feeling here that the probabilities here are infinitesimally small. I know if something happened and they knew about it that would be bad, but it just seems like an overreaction.

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