Friday, April 25, 2008

Let's Bring This One Back - aka Waste Some Time At Work

Someone, most likely Joe, introduced this game to a few of us a couple of years ago. I just thought about it again today and searched for it on Google.

The point is that you have to use mirrors and prisms to get a laser beam to light up some lights. Be warned, it is addictive. Also be warned, you will spend at least at least an hour trying to beat level 17. If I remember correctly, the only person who was able to beat level 17 when I first played this was Dabney. If I didn't steal his solution I would never have figured it out. Play the game, so long as you have a couple hours free.


Open Bar said...

Chuck, I absolutely hate and love you for showing me this. I will not be doing any further work today. (Not that I was planning to, but there's plenty of other non-work-related stuff I meant to do today.)

Level 6!

Open Bar said...

If I had a big knife, and Level 10 had a human body, I would chop its head right off.

Can't wait for level 11!

Open Bar said...

Level 10 is now, officially, my bitch.

Just wanted to keep you guys updated.

Open Bar said...

Fucking level 11 can sucky my swass-covered balls. I once saw level 11 molesting a teddy bear.