Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Classic Video: Swedish Chef makes hot dogs

The recent onset of the baseball season brings to mind many things. But is there a "baseball cuisine"? It's hard to say, but if there were a baseball cuisine, certainly one item at the top of the list would have to be hot dogs. Like baseball, hot dogs are a purely American creation. I've read somewhere that hot dogs are basically made of pig intestines and other gross stuff, but I don't really care because they taste great. Fuck you, Jules Winfield and your "pigs sleep and root in shit" nonsense, I don't fucking care. I'm with Vincent "Pork chops taste good" Vega, and so are all the baseball fans who enjoy a good frank at the ballgame.

I look forward to scarfing down a good many dogs at Shea this season. And another thing about why hot dogs are awesome? The simplicity in cooking them. You can throw them on the grill and turn them once, and in five minutes they're ready to go. But for whatever reason, I still prefer a boiled hot dog. Every now and then, I buy one from a street vendor, and it always tastes awesome. I'm glad to see the Swedish Chef agrees with the boiling philosophy.

How 'bout that Miss Piggy appearance?

And not to perpetuate an anti-woman stance or anything, but I must honestly say that the funniest thing I saw this week was this little animated GIF called "Cunt Punch." I really don't mean to offend our hordes of women readers by posting this, but I have to say, every time I watch this, I laugh. For any guy who's ever been hit in the balls (and not just by Side Bar), you'll get it. And I'm not saying that women can't get hurt by a random shot to the groin, but if this were to happen to you, it would hurt a lot more if you had testicles.

Anyway. There's no swearing or nudity or anything, so feel free to click here on this link, even if you're at work. (The title is a little off-putting, I imagine, to some of your IT guys, but they're just nerds, so screw them.) Anyway, have a good weekend!

[Cunt Punch first seen on FilmDrunk, which is a funny site!]

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