Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Classic Video: Swedish Chef making eggs

I love the Swedish Chef. Definitely my favorite Muppets character. I'm sure I could do something clever like link up something I've cooked recently with a Swedish Chef clip, but I didn't do that here. Though that's a good idea.

Anyway, I'm gonna start posting more frequent Swedish Chef bits because he's so fucking awesome. I might even move to Sweden and live beside a fjord. Hopefully next to Bjergen Kjergen, who was played by the then-hot Drew Barrymore in the esteemed (and way underrated) picture Wayne's World 2. In the following dialogue, you must imagine Drew Barrymore using a terrible Swedish accent in order for the jokes to work. Or you could've just seen the movie and recall it using your brain and memory and stuff. Whatever, Chuck knows what I'm saying:
Wayne: Wow I love your accent, where are you from?
Bjergen Kjergen: I am from Sveden.
Wayne: Oh really? Whereabouts in Sweden?
Bjergen Kjergen: Kneurgen, near the Joergen Fjords.
Wayne: Well, nice to meet you, Bjergen Kjargen, from Kneurgen, near the Joergen Fjords. Hmm. Kneurgen, that's in the Klargen Province, near the Biburgen River.
Bjergen Kjergen: Yah hah.
Wayne: Now correct me if I'm wrong. Your annual rainfall varies from about 40 inches in the winter to about 200 inches in the summer, and your chief export is modular furniature. I did a report on Sweden in the eighth grade.
Bjergen Kjergen: Well I am impressed with your quest for knowledge. Educated men are rare.
Wayne: It was really hard, I stayed all night on it. Then the next day, in gym class I was on the minitramp and I got diarrhea. I really wish I hadn't told you that.
Anyway, if you don't like the Swedish Chef, you probably like to torture puppies or something, so I'm not all that worried. The cops are on to you, asshole. Your therapist snitched.

In this particular clip, the Swedish Chef simply wants to make some eggs, but this goddamn chicken is PMS-ing or something and gives him a hard time. Fucking chickens, man. Something's gotta be done.

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