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Rewatching Lost: I Don't Remember A Lot of This

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So this is the second time I'm posting today for a couple of reasons. First is that in the last post I meant to say that I was going to try to remember who were the "Oceanic 8" that escaped the island. I forgot to write about that, though. Since then I have watched the first episode of season 4 and I've been reminded that it's actually the Oceanic 6. That's better for me since I could only remember Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid. Did they count Aaron? I know Claire didn't go. Was Locke one of them? That can't be. Except I know that the funeral that Jack went to where he was the only one who showed up was for Locke. At least I think I know that. And the coffin is empty. I think.

So I'm trying to remember the circumstances under which only 6 of them leave the island and I'm trying to remember exactly when Locke dies and is reborn as the smoke monster. Now that I'm thinking about it, it's possible that Ben killed Locke when he shot him and that is the point he turned into the smoke monster. And that is evidenced by the fact that he killed Naomi and Locke wasn't capable of murdering anyone, even his father who stole his kidney. Of course, I could be remembering incorrectly. And if it's Locke's funeral, then he must have left the island. Right?

I realized why all the stuff I remember from the flashbacks happened in the first two seasons. It's because after season 3, there are no flashbacks. Season 4 is flash forwards, and I think season 5 also. Season 5 is also the time travelling, so the flashbacks may be infused somehow. Season 6 is the flash sideways.

People who figure prominently in the end like Jacob, Man in Black, Charles Widmore, Farraday, Eloise Hawking, Miles, et al. have not figured to any extent in the first 3 seasons. Farraday appears for 5 seconds at the end of season 4, episode 1. Jacob is mentioned, never seen, and so far has said only "help me" to Locke. Charles Widmore was in one scene talking down to Desmond. Hawking was in one scene talking to Desmond about fate. Man in Black I guess has technically appeared since the first episode and every time someone sees an apparition on the island, but he has not appeared in proper, nor has his role been outlined whatsoever. Miles is coming soon, I think. (Fun fact: Miles is the son of a guy I used to teach with.)

I feel like the story is starting to get away from them. I just feel it spiraling our of control. It's not nearly as tight as it was in seasons 1 and 2. I know I'm biased, because this is the conclusion I'm trying to confirm, but also I think I'm right. I'm trying to be open minded.

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