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Rewatching Lost: Season 3

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Season 3 of Lost. Ugh. Season 3. I gotta say, it wasn't terrible. The first half was bad. Like pretty bad. Also they dropped a thousand more hints that they were all dead. I'm gonna look into the idea that they actually are dead starting with season 4. I don't think it will fit outside the first 3 seasons, but it's possible. This is to say, the first 3 seasons definitely fit into the idea that they are all dead, and they play it up quite a bit at the end of the 3rd season. Anthony Cooper (John Locke's dad and the dude who swindles Sawyer's parents) talks about getting into a car accident and waking up on the island. Noami (the parachutist from Not Penny's Boat) says that they had found the wreckage of flight 815 and accounted for all the bodies. The people who get to the island do so after either having been in an accident that should have killed them (Oceanics, Anthony Cooper, Naomi, Richard who doesn't age) or after having been drugged or sedated (Juliet). Ben is the only one who seems to have arrived under fairly normal circumstances, but can't you imagine his shitty dad having killed the pair of them over the fact the he blames Ben for killing his wife, Ben's mother? You can also probably work the no babies can be conceived successfully on the island thing into there.

Basically in season 3 they kill the Dharma Initiative. At the end they show about how the original hostiles killed all the Dharma people in "the purge". I guess that's supposed to end all the questions about anything Dharma related, since it doesn't exist anymore. The only survivor was Ben. The only thing that doesn't exactly jibe is the fact that there are apparently still fresh food deliveries to the Dharma Initiative. Also in season 3 Locke goes crazy, hears Jacob's voice, blows up the submarine, and tries to prevent the second escape attempt as well. It's unclear to me why Locke is so opposed to everyone leaving the island. He could easily stay behind if everyone else left.

I'm trying to remember whose boat it is if it's not Penny's. It must be Charles Widmore's. Also they introduce Farraday's mother (Eloise Hawking) way earlier than you would have figured. She's in the episode where Desmond realizes he can tell the future as the person who tells him he can't change the universe's plan. She also appears in a picture on a monk's desk when Desmond is a monk (I didn't remember that either). She's not named yet, and it's not implied that you'll see her again.

The smoke monster kills the pilot (Matt Parkman from Heroes) in the pilot (episode). The only other person he kills in the first 3 seasons is Mr. Eko. It's not exactly a reign of terror.

I really love the Nikki and Paolo episode. It's basically a throw away, in that you could have missed that episode and really only missed the part where Charlie confesses that he dragged Sun into the forest. But it's really entertaining. Nice tone shift. I like how they set it up a few episodes before, too. I don't know if this was their original plan for those characters, but I like how it turned out. If Nikki had just waited in the jungle to get unparalyzed, then it wouldn't have turned out so badly. I know it's the lynch pin to the episode, but that was a really stupid idea.

The 2 part finale is the original flash forward. I remember being blown away when I realized it was a flash forward instead of a flashback originally. When I already knew it was a flash forward, then it's a pretty tedious exercise belaboring the point that Jack wants to go back to the island. It does not hold up, I guess.

Add to the list of murderers Juliet (one of the Others), Locke (Naomi), Sayid and Bernard (some Others attacking the camp to steal pregnant people), and Sun (one of the Others on the boat).

There's that thing of where Jack's dad is also Claire's dad.

Season 3 is real big on the fate vs. free will theme. Charlie dying and Desmond being fated to end up on the island and also Locke. Also some other stuff. It's a sticky issue, hard to say where they intend to come down on it.

Desmond is named Desmond David Hume. David Hume was another Enlightenment philosopher (like Locke and Rousseau) who wrote about human nature. He's often linked with Locke when it comes to empiricism. He wrote A Treatise on Human Nature. So more philosophers. The only one missing is Immanuel Kant.

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