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Rewatching Lost: Spit it Out, Farraday

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I am like 10 minutes into season 5, which is not much farther than my last post. Daniel Farraday is not at all surprised when the island moves in space and/or time and he seems to know exactly what and why is happening. Right when the sky changes color (for the second time now) and they are in the raft still next to the island he says, "we must have been within the radius." This statement implies that he knows that the island can be moved, the mechanism through which it is moved, what would happen when it moves, and that there exists a radius around the island which would become dislodged in space and time. They've already shown Farraday in the past as part of the Dharma Initiative in the Orchid station while it is being built. So presumably he knows something about it.

Next they show what happens immediately after the island moves. The people are there, but all the stuff is gone. Farraday says he needs to be taken to something man made on the island, presumably to determine where in time they are. But he doesn't ever explain this to anyone. At least not in these first ten minutes. He's a fucking Oxford professor, he needs to be able to explain himself better than he is. Instead of saying, "your camp isn't gone, it just hasn't been built yet," he could say something, anything, that is infinitely less cryptic than that. If I were Farraday, I would say, "Okay let's walk while I explain. The island has become dislodged in time. Here's why......."

Based on what he says he knows what happened, and that it's going to continue happening, and basically everything. He knows everything. Spit it the fuck out, Farraday. He has no reason to be so fucking cryptic within the context of the reality on the island. He's only being cryptic so the writers can let out information bit by bit, or not at all.

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