Monday, June 4, 2007

He Judged You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

A 20 year old guy from Montana, Andrew McCormack was recently convicted of felony burglary.

In what seems like a bit of an odd practice, the judge, Gregory Todd, has the newly convicted felon fill out a form which asked to him for his 'recommendation as to what you think the Court should do."

Apparently a bit of a wise-ass (and a poor speller) McCormack wrote, "Like the Beetles say, 'Let It Be'".

Todd, a 56 year old, Beatles fan was not amused. He first corrected the spelling of the convict and then sentenced him to three years probation, community service and a fine while, at the same time, schooling McCormack on the Beatles catalogue (you probably have to click on the pictures to read them):

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Hasdai said...

That sentencing report is a sustained Beatles ho-yes. Impressive.