Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This guy is really mad at Ian, or Iain, or Iaian...whatever


Joe said...

Amazing clip.

I am also sorry to say that, after 8 years in corporate America, I don't think it's staged.

I hope the cops taze "Steve".

And I really want to know where Ian is and why "it's a big deal".

Side Bar said...

I am torn on whether or not that is real or staged. I can actually comprehend a situation in which that is real, but I have to think this would have been on the news or something. Any way of getting confirmation?

Joe said...

No way that would have been in the news because he didn't commit a crime. I think in the police blotter, that ranks lower than a bar fight.

Anyhow, that tackle was more gratifying than the one of TO dancing on the Dallas Cowboys star at the 50 yard line.