Friday, June 8, 2007


Not to re-stir the Imus pot or anything, but MSNBC's attempts at filling the void created by Imus are absolutely god-awful (side note: can someone devote a post to the phrase "god awful"? How can that possibly have entered the casual American lexicon? Isn't god awesome and all powerful? If something is awful, why does prefixing "god" make it more so? Wait. Maybe that's the answer? Whatever, sorry).

I think it was Geraldo for a minute, and I know Keith Olberman has been in and out of the morning slot. For the last few mornings it has been Joe Scarborough (formerly of the evening 6 or 7 p.m. slot). The tag line for his show? "Morning Joe." (get it?). Cute, right? Puke.

I guess it isn't so much how bad these other people are (they have political guests, talk about current events, etc.) but they are (a) not funny, and (b) not Imus.

Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Every time I glance up at the TV in the morning while getting ready to go work or at the gym, I am reminded of how absolutely ludicrous the fallout from the Imus fiasco was, and how quickly it evaporated from the public spotlight. At least you Stern fans can buy the satellite radio if you want. I got nothing other than those old tapes of Manuel Noriega and Wilford Brimley on the Imus show that my bro used to keep. Damn.

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Still have never listened to Imus, but still have more to say about him: