Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Classic Video: Total Wusses Need Not View This

Even if you haven't seen it yet, I hope you've at least heard of the 2 Chicks, 1 Cup video. And NO, I'm not posting it here, because this blog is for kids, goddammit. (In order to be able to appreciate the upcoming video, you'll have to at least give the Cupchicks video a shot. I warn you that it is by far the most disgusting thing you've ever seen, guaranteed. So needless to say, it's NSFW. It's right here)

And all you pussies who couldn't get past the first 15 seconds need to check your balls (or ovaries) at the door the next time we go out drinking.

Also, in case you weren't checking in on us the past day or so, you missed the single greatest comments thread in Where's Luke? history. I might even go so far as to say the best comments thread on any blog ever created, but -- no, wait, I just did. Check it out here.

But enough blatant self-promotion, on to the big show. Again, if you've watched Cupchicks, you'll love this. If not, be sure to watch it before this one.

And also, boy, do the Knicks suck!

Have a wonderful weekend full of the best puns ever!

(And for some more great videos and such, always go to College Humor.)


The Notorious LJT said...


Open Bar said...

Hey LJT, at least we watched the whole thing. Unlike certain other parties who co-write this blog.

But damn, that grandma had me cracking up.

Faith said...

LJT was kind enough to send me that link without revealing to me what exactly I was letting myself in for or the fact that he had not in fact watched the entire thing himself.

I guess that means I can keep my ovaries where they are.

The Notorious LJT said...

faith you are full of *shit*.....ok, ok we don't have do this again

*butt* it may be fun

number 1 it is disgusting, *number 2* people's reaction are hysterical

Faith said...

Agh! No more puns! My head is going to explode (probably the only gross thing they didn't manage to work into the video).

Besides, even thinking about it makes me want to vomit.

rick said...

Where can I check my balls next time we go out? Will I get a ticket and is drop off and pick up in the same location? I couldn't get past the first 10 seconds, I almost hurled on my monitor.

Joe Grossberg said...

Not only did I watch it, I fell asleep during it. And then I wrote a poem about it. And then I ate some dinner.

ChuckJerry said...

Do they still make denim shirts? I think the last time I had one of those was in high school.

Maybe I should keep my eyes open for one, and I could rock it retro style. That'd be the *shit*. (sorry)

The Notorious LJT said...

already used that one, chuck.

typed it an hour ago on my computer - which, by the way is an I*BM* t40

Open Bar said...

Faith, you get to keep your ovaries.

Rick, it's up to you where to check your balls, but a real man might try to reclaim them by watching the whole video. I promise, it won't reach out of the monitor, a la The Ring, and try to harm you.

Joe, well put, sir.

Chuck, I'm upset by your comments to me and my small monitor in the previous comments. In fact, I'm kind of down in the *dumps*.

Open Bar said...

Oh, and LJT -- your I*BM* one was a gem. Specifically, a top*azz*.