Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Side Bar: Pay Attention

Here's something you could've used a few months ago. Remember? After you falsely claimed that I put my "testicles" on your "shoulder," (which is codswallop [that's British for "horseshit!"], I would never!), you retaliated with your classic move -- attacking another man's balls. Which is SO against The Rules of Men. It's ridiculous no one has murdered you yet. But anyway, after you did that, remember what I did to you? LJT does -- he was there at the planning.

Okay, so if the other kids in these two pussies' school can't figure out what to do in the case of a foiled wedgie, then I must conclude it's one of those "special" schools. What about punching some tie-wearing 8-year-old in the face? What about shoving him into a locker, then closing it? What about pantsing the kid?

And you've gotta love the anchors' clear love of being able to discuss the underwear of 8-year-olds on live TV without that guy from NBC Dateline showing up at his house.

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Side Bar said...

we both know how it went down. I sleep fine at night. I mean, we had only been drinking for 13 hours that day . . . how could either of our memories be impacted?

What I remember most about that day is Carlos Beltran striking out with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth against someone (Cardinals? I think it was the Cardinals) after the Mets staged an improbable late rally. What an ass. God forbid he and A-Rod are on the same team next year. I might have to start routing for the Nationals.