Sunday, November 4, 2007

I'm already tired of this, and it's only gonna get worse

Have you heard? Joe Girardi chose the number 27 for his new job as manager of the yanks. He did this as a reminder that it's his job to win the franchise's 27th championship.


I'm absolutely positive this will be the most annoying thing I have to listen to over and over and over again for the next three years at least. Anytime I check the game on YES, I'm sure Michael Kay will mention it, no matter how infrequently I happen to click over during between-innings breaks on Mets games. If I happen to listen to 880 AM, John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman will argue over who mentions it more each game. And during any of the 37 times the yanks have the game of the week on Fox, Tim McCarver and Joe Buck will shove it down my throat as though someone just spotted a real, live unicorn each time they bring it up.

God, I already hate this. Can you think of anything else that will be repeated more than this piece of meaningless drivel? Should Willie Randolph change his number to 3? Better yet, I'd love if Terry Francona changed his number to 2, as in "The number of championships won by the Red Sox since the yanks last won one." Now that would be something bearable.

In conclusion, Let's Go Mets!

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