Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday Classic Video: We Rule

Eight posts this week, bitch! (Nine, counting this one.) Allow me to pat the writers of Where's Luke? on the back. Job well done, lads. And I'd also like to thank all of you lovely commenters (okay, I know it was mostly us commenting on our own posts, but hey, we'll take 'em however we can get 'em) for your brilliant contributions and probing opinions.

(Golf clap.)

So I've decided to take the lead of the following video and go get a new haircut, celebrate with some jager bombs at the Black Bear Lodge, and meet some skanks.

And for a truly remarkable in-depth examination of the "guido," you need go no further than the Cajun Boy in the City.

Have a good weekend!


Joe Grossberg said...

As long as women keep fucking them, they'll keep acting like that. Don't blame the Guidos, they're just doing what works. Blame the skanks who enable it.

Open Bar said...

It's kind of a shame, isn't it?

And hey, nowhere was I blaming guidos for the current state of affairs. If anything, I agree with you that, hey, if it works then do it, right?

What we really need to do, Joe, is get all women into classes, where we can teach them whom to fuck (me, you, and LJT) and whom not to fuck (guidos, other assorted douchebags). Then we can start a complementary class for men, advising them about fatties and deceptive transsexuals.

Joe Grossberg said...

Also, that is one thing I don't miss about NJ. There are literally no Guidos down in DC. Well, there might be some freshman at University of Maryland, but I haven't seen any.

Joe Grossberg said...

Yeah, it's like when women say, "Why are guys such assholes?"

Because of the millions of women like *you* that get all hot-and-bothered over douchebags but are bored with nice guys.

Open Bar said...

I really wonder what the guido population is like in other cities. Having grown up in North Jersey and now lived in New York for 7 years, they just seem like a fact of life.

I sure hope someone from Denver or San Diego can help me out like Joe did re: D.C.

(also, if you read that Cajun Boy link below the video, check out the comments too. guidos truly assert themselves there.)

The Notorious LJT said...

i'm sure every city has their version of local meatheads - our just happens to be guidos.

Joe Grossberg said...

Yes, Luke is right.

For example, NJ has a grand total of zero rednecks and hillbillies.

They're also way below quota on Jesus Freaks.

I'm just saying, that particular genre of meatheads is very specific to NY and NJ.

Faith said...

While I agree that there are a shocking number of guidos in the NY/NJ area, I must refute the claim that there are no rednecks in NJ. I wish that this were the case but, unfortunately, it's not. Not one to hate on my home state, there are areas in the Western part of NJ (close to PA) that are extremely rural and full of rednecks. I once got lost out there and, in trying to find my way back to the highway and civilization, found myself in total Deliverance country. I was glad to make it out in one piece after stopping for directions at a mini-mart that was literally a part of someone's house from a woman missing some of her teeth.

While the guido may be specific to NJ apparently the rednecks are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I will support Faith's refutation of the no-rednecks-in-NJ claim, having moved from North Jersey to South Jersey 2 years ago and having travelled some of the "off the beaten path" areas here.

Joe Grossberg said...

Here's the Jewish version: