Thursday, September 4, 2008

Becoming A Republican

I've said for years that I can't even wrap my head around the idea that one might choose to be a Republican. I don't dislike Republicans or deny them of their choice, but it's honestly something that makes absolutely no sense to me. The only reason I can think of that one might want to be a Republican is if he or she is worth more than $5 million and wants that money to stay in his or her pocket. Outside of that, and even that is a somewhat selfish motivation, I can't see why one would choose to be a Republican. Is there anyone in this country who is not in the top 1% of the wealth pool who can honestly say that he's better off today than he was 8 years ago? Is there anyone outside of that 1% who can honestly say that George Bush has best served their interests and not those of his cronies? It's genuinely mind boggling for me. I would love for someone to give me a reasonable explanation for being a Republican. I'm not being facetious.

Anyhow, what I mean to say is this. In the last two Republican conventions, the good ol' boys have trotted out two former Democrats to make speeches for their folks. Those two guys are the stodgiest old guys in the history of the world, Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman. Is trotting these two guys out there really a good idea? Doesn't it kindof lend credence to the idea that the Republican party is the party of old dudes who are no longer idealists and no longer care about the little guys. There's got to be a better strategy than pimping out a couple of old margnialized politicians.

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Open Bar said...

After the choice of Sarah Palin for VP, it seems that the only reason to be a Republican is if you think that evangelical Christianity is the only way for you or anyone else to live your life.

That, or if you prefer being secretly gay to openly gay.