Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin (actually) Graduates

I didn't stay up to watch Sarah Palin's speech last night, but I did watch it on the web this morning (albeit in expedited fashion; the Times had a cool feature that lets you read the text as you watch, so it was easy to jump ahead without losing any of the actual speech).

My one thought after watching: shit.

She was very, very good. Anyone who watched that speech and didn't think she did a spectacular job of (a) beginning to demonstrate her qualifications, (b) solidifying the base, and (c) ripping on Obama, wasn't watching the same speech I watched. I guarantee you McCain will not be as good.

Fuck fuck fuck. She was good.


Open Bar said...

She was all right, but let's try not to shit our pants.

Read the Field:

Side Bar said...

Oh thank goodness. So long as a lefty blog thinks she missed the mark, I have got nothing to worry about.

Faith said...

Charismatic, yes. Rallying, certainly. Tenacious, most definitely.

Factually correct.....not so much:

(Unless you consider the AP a lefty blog, of course)

Lo-Bar said...

Wow, Side Bar, I didn't know you were such a pussy that a pitbull with lipstick could give you the vapors.

If you don't like reading what community organizers thought about the speech, how 'bout Open Bar's other man-crush (blogospherically speaking), Nate Silver....

ChuckJerry said...

That feature on the Times website was, in fact, dope. You could skip all the useless applause and watch just the speechy parts.

Side Bar, it's as if you expected her to get up and be all, "Oh my God, you guys, you should totally vote for me because I'm gonna try and get a vending machine for the cafeteria."

It was a nice speech. Preaching to the choir. I would hope even Republicans are smart enough not to put an incompetent up on the stage.