Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is That So Wrong?

Tomorrow, the smart dudes who invented the Large Hadron Collider will turn the thing on for the first time. It's the biggest particle collider ever built and they're hoping it will give further insight into the creation of the universe and in particular they're hoping to find something called the Higgs boson, which is a particle that theoretically exists but has been beyond the scope of detection to this point. As a (very) amateur physics fan, I've been pretty interested in the building of this thing and the stories that come along with it.

One of the theories is that when they collide these particles at these energies, they might just end up creating something akin to the Big Bang or even a black hole which, in turn, may destroy the Earth. Most people involved think the likelihood of that happening is essentially zero, but still it's interesting.

So, is it wrong that there's a small part of me that kindof wants this thing to destroy the Earth? Granted it's a small part of me. Also if it does destroy the Earth there won't be anyone around to say, "I told you so", which is most of the fun of it. Wouldn't that be something, though?


Open Bar said...

It was nice knowing you guys.

Side Bar said...

I feel you. At that last instant, as we were getting sucked into the black hole and all existence were being reversed, I;d be thinking, "damn, Jerry nailed it."

rick said...

I am glad it didn't end existence and my last thought wasn't, "Jerry nailed it." Jerry-When are they going to "cross the streams" Ghostbusters style?? -winit