Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Classic Video

This is my new favorite thing. I do not disparriage anyone for believing in their religion, as it's way more than I'm capable of, but, I mean, really, it's like...there are no words, just watch. I'm gonna be singing this all day.

My favorite thing about this is easily the guitar player. You'd think they were playing some Zeppelin or something. My next favorite thing is the back up singers, including Jim Henson and a dude with a bad combover who looks like he was even out of touch with that wussified form of rock and roll. My third favorite thing is at the very end when the guy starts riffing by going "J-J-J-J-Jesus" with a high pitched falsetto in the last syllable.

In a similar vein, I also wanted to embed something called The Renewed Mind is the Key, but you can't get it on YouTube. But you have to follow this link and watch that and the dancing that goes along with it. Make sure you watch through the solo dance break. UPDATE: I guess The Way got tired of people linking to that silly performance because the link redirects to the home page now.


Open Bar said...

Holy crap. (ba-dum-ching)

I have so many thoughts on this. Here are a few:

1. "Once I tried to run, I tried to run and hide.
But Jesus came and found me, he touched me down inside.
He is like a mountie (sp?),
He always gets his man.
And he'll zap you any way he can.

So Jesus is a Canadian, sexual-molesting dude with a laser gun.

Best. Lyric. Ever.

2. I didn't do any research or anything because that's stuff's boring, but I have no idea what time period this is. Sure, it looks maybe 1970s-ish, but -- and maybe this is my elitist, East Coast ignorance rearing its snobbish head -- I fully believe these people could be playing every Friday night at some church in Utah. Remember those women from that cult in Texas a few months ago whose kids all got taken away because the leaders were polygamist rapists or whatever? They looked like they came from the 1800s. So who knows about these guys.

3. The name of the band is Sonseed.

Side Bar said...

If I was watching Saturday Night Live, and that "SNL Digital Short" lead-in came on, and was followed by this video, without a single change, I would have laughed my ass off for two minutes and forty-eight seconds.

The host at the very end is by far the best part. He called it "terrific" and then said "wow." Do you think he was paid by the lie?

Also, how much does John McCain such? What a douche.