Friday, September 5, 2008

Random thoughts

So I'm stealing Side Bar's usual mail-it-in post thing here, but hey, go fuck yourself. Sorry, don't know where that came from. Moving right along...

The New York Giants, who won the Super Bowl last year (still amazing) over the 18-0 17-1 Patriots, kicked the season off by annihilating the absurdly racist-ly named Redskins, 16-7. Okay, maybe it wasn't an annihilation, but isn't "Redskins" by far the most glaringly racist name for a team or company or fucking anything these days? I know there's a movie called "Towelhead" coming out, but that's nowhere near as offensive as White Men Can't Jump. I can. *fights back tears* I can jump. Just not as high as, you know, black people. Man, I'm so oppressed.

The New York Mets face off against the Philadelphia Phillies in a three-game series this weekend. I won't be going to Shea to see any of the games, but I'm already half-drunk and the first game starts in an hour, so that's gotta count for something. By the way, pitching tonight for the Phillies is the wife-beating uberdouche Brett Myers. God, I hate the fucking fillies. The Mets have been playing really well lately which has, of course, made me even more wary about things. Don't get my fucking hopes up again, you assholes. A much better preview is over at Y2K. (And in case any of those guys happen to follow their trackbacks to this post, can y'all get Cheddar Ben to do a friggin' guest post at least?)

Google Chrome is fucking awesome. I've been meaning for a long time to write about how awesome Firefox is, but I haven't gotten around to it. Sorry to all you cavemen (Side Bar) still using Internet Explorer, I could've improved your Internet experience even more than by honoring your browser by blogging my brilliance (alliteration, bitches!). I don't have the time (between drinks) to get too far into why Chrome rules, but here's a good place to start. Chrome is still not as cool as Firefox, but once it adds extensions, I don't see how even Firefox (much less IE or Safari) will be able to compete. My favorite Firefox extensions: Adblock Plus, Better Gmail 2, PicLens, TinyURL creator, Download Statusbar. If you're a tech nerd, or even a wannabe like me, you'll get it. If not, go here and get these extensions now.

Sarah Palin is awesome. I love this woman. As an Obama supporter, I think she is the absolute best possible pick. By choosing someone without any national-security credentials, foreign-policy experience, or fiscal-conservatism achievements (running an oil-rich state and literally paying your constituents $5,000 a year doesn't mean you know shit about how to run government finances), the GOP has forfeited its (already-suspect) claim to be the party of strong national defense and fiscal responsibility. What they do have in Sarah Palin is a hardcore right-winger on just about everything. First and foremost, she's a super-duper theocrat, which ultimately means that the Republican Party has announced that it is now officially the party of evangelical Christians and that's it. Everyone else, especially you swing voters? Welcome to our side! 

Lastly, where the fuck is LJT? Lumpy and DannyG posted more this week than his lame ass. Chuck had about the worst week any of us has ever had in terms of posting, but hey, at least he posted. (Sorry, Chuck. I know you'll pick it up soon. Just no more dumbassery. Okay, some dumbassery is okay -- even encouraged -- but how 'bout some more shit like this appropos beaut?

Okay, have a good weekend. Go get drunk. Get laid. Stick it to the man. ANARCHY! 

(And leave a friggin' comment, for chrissakes. Thanks to Faith, Lumpy, DannyG for their awesomeness this week.)


Open Bar said...

Here's me being the cool guy who comments on his own post first.

Anyway, here's a really helpful guide to the little things Google Chrome does that make it awesome. You can thank me later.

Side Bar said...

Your streak of posts-unrelated-to-me-in-which-you-insult-me-anyway stands at like 7. The record cannot be far off.

I hear you about Sarah Palin. Unlike everyone else in the world (or at least in our little universe), I am more than capable of admitting I made a mistake. I may have been too quick to run for the hills because I thought the sky was falling (but why would you run for the hills if the sky is falling? wouldn't that hasten disaster?), and I will do a separate post on my renewed outlook.

Thanks to everyone who insulted me, belittled me, and crapped all over my opinion. It worked!

ChuckJerry said...

I'm proud of my lame posts. I'm well aware of their lameness before they are ever posted.

ChuckJerry said...

Eli didn't play great on Thursday, but man did he play with confidence. I like their chances to make the playoffs again, and once they do that they've obviously proven that they are dangerous. I think they can maybe put behind them their old habit of losing games against teams they should beat.

The Mets make me want to vomit. Why did I get myself into liking this team? Fuck it, I'm a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California fan now.

The Cleveland Indians is not a racist name, per se, but the Chief Yahoo mascot is easily the most racist and demeaning thing that still permeates our culture.

Open Bar said...

Chief Literally everything about that is mindblowingly racist. I'd like to see a televised debate between Joba Chamberlain and Jacoby Ellsbury on this topic. I have no idea what tribes they're from (I think Joba is Navajo, right? I guess that means I have an idea, just maybe not the correct one.), but it would be interesting to see the whole Red Sox-Yankees rivalry reinvented as a...wait, I just realized a debate like that would just devolve into a stupid exchange between dumbass fans of both teams. Though I would be interested to see which team falls on which side of Chief Wahoo.