Thursday, September 25, 2008

Carlos Voltron

According to the Onion, he's our only hope (credit to Open Bar for the heads's up on this classic image).

I wonder if Ryan Howard is related to King Zarkon.


Open Bar said...

Maybe -- like how Voltron would always wait until the last minute to finally create that sword, then slice the alien monster in half -- the Mets have simply waited till these last four games good.

And maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot.

ChuckJerry said...

"He caught the ball between the thumb and index finger of his leonine hand."

I very nearly shit my pants.

ChuckJerry said...

Please tell me you had to look up the name of King Zarkon, who I assume is the villain in Voltron. You could not possibly have remembered that dude's name.

Side Bar said...

I swear on my life that I remembered that the villain's name was Zarkon. I confess that I looked on the internet to: (a) confirm the spelling (I thought it was Zarcon), and (b) learn that, much to my surprise, he was a king!

On a related note, how much does John McCain suck? Can you imagine if you were one of these banks that was about to get $700 billion? Johnny rolls into DC and is like, umm, not so fast. It's like in college or grad school, when the professor ends class 20 minutes early on a Thursday afternoon (and of course you have no classes on Friday), and asks "does anyone have any last questions?" Of course not! But then someone does . . . . ugh.