Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Classic Video: Double Feature!!!

I'm sick of Joe having these up well before I do, so I'm gonna go with two videos this week that I'm fairly sure he doesn't have up on his site.

For this first one, you have to be a fan of The Muppets. (And if you aren't, you're an al-Qaeda supporter.) My all-time favorite character is the Swedish Chef, so if you're a good person with a strong moral upbringing, you'll love this compilation.

And just in case you have some reason to hate on The Muppets, I wonder if you have something against Pearl Jam, too. Chuck and I (along with Angry White Dave and Dr. Kensington Road Gang War) once had an incredible sing-along to this song. None of us knew all the words (or most of them, or even very few of them), but it's okay, because it seems like Eddie Vedder didn't either. He mumbles through this song like he's conjuring Milton from Office Space. Fortunately, someone took the time to tell us what Eddie meant to enunciate.

Have a great weekend! I'll be catching massive rainbow trout in Pennsylvania. I'll (hopefully) have some nice pics for Tuesday.


ChuckJerry said...

I didn't realize until just now that the Swedish Chef had real person hands and only a Muppet head.

That Pearl Jam video had me laughing out loud in front of my computer.

Is it a requirement to say LOL on the internet rather than laughing out loud? If so, then that video had me ROTFLMAO.

Kathy G. said...

That Pear Jam video was HI-larious.