Thursday, May 3, 2007

Friday Classic Video: Great Moments in Pole Dancing

Since I'll be away tomorrow, I figured I'd get Friday's video stuff up a day early. And in honor of Vegas and my previous post regarding strip clubs being overrated, I thought I'd put up a collection of moments involving lap dances, pole dancing -- basically anything stripper-related -- that I find particularly amusing. (These might also change my mind about strip clubs, if there was one where this stuff happened regularly.)

Stupid rednecks.

You know what other kind of clubs suck? Clubs.

It's just getting worse and worse for these strippers...

And finally, a stripper's worst nightmare. THIS ONE IS NOT AT ALL SAFE FOR WORK BY ANY MEANS.

And for something a little different... (Be sure to watch to the end, and I'll leave it up to you to determine how you'd feel if your boss caught you watching this.)

Have a nice weekend!

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