Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Man Capris Are Not The Same As Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts: cool, functional, fashionable. Mad pockets to hold extra summer gear like sunglasses or a sno-cone. They are cool and they are a good fashion choice.

I think this is Luke in this picture. He's got the Birks and everything. This picture must be a couple years and about 5 pounds ago for Luke, though.

Man capris are not cargo shorts and they are unacceptable. Not quite shorts, not quite pants. Not quite manly. They are just a fashion choice you should not make. Look at this picture. This guy has got his army gear on, his combat boots, his b-boy stance. He should be looking tough right now. Does he? No. Why? Man capris.


Open Bar said...

Capris are completely unacceptable attire for people who piss standing up. That's why Rafael Nadal sucks.

rick said...

capris suck and should only be worn by chicks,Ryan Seacrest and europeans, because they can say "well, it's european." (like the handbag,Seinfeld, circa 1994)