Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I know I've said some mean things about the St. Louis Cardinals over the years, but I really didn't think anyone upstairs was listening. Hey God -- you can stop offing these guys now, I didn't mean for you to take what I've been saying literally. (Though when I ask you to send George Steinbrenner straight to hell, yeah, you can go right ahead with that.)

As you've likely heard, Cardinals reliever Josh Hancock died in a car crash on Sunday. This comes not too long after the Cardinals' staff lost another young arm, Darryl Kile, back in 2002. The details are still coming out about what actually happened to Hancock -- was he driving drunk? did he really come to Thursday's game late because he was way hungover? -- and I even heard that Where's Luke's favorite ballplayer, Scott Spiezio, took himself out of last night's lineup because he was too emotionally distressed to play. So we'll just wait and see before anyone comes to any sort of conclusions here.

But two young pitchers in five years? Damn, that's tough on a franchise and its fans, not to mention the players. I mean, you're a young guy playing the game you've dreamed of playing, along with your other buddies on the team, and then one day you come into work and that guy in the bullpen -- even though you didn't really know him that well -- isn't gonna be there anymore, ever. To have to cope with that twice in such a short span, I mean damn...

Anyway, I was looking around and I found a post by The Dugout that handles this incident as well as I think it can be at this point. The site is basically set up as an Internet chat room, so if you're familiar with how those work this will make perfect sense. If not, you'll pick it up because you're smart and tall and above-average-looking, just like me, which is all that really counts.

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