Friday, May 4, 2007

Yet Another Contributor To The Blog

With Open Bar out of town Ricky Win It stepped up and supplied a classic video for today. So even though we've got Thursday videos, it's not the same as Friday videos, so here goes. I, by the way, am merely acting as the conduit through which Ricky is posting these.

The first video is, according to Ricky, part of a larger documentary about the Ultimate Warrior. The gist of the thing is that he didn't make any sense ever.

Now I thought I had heard a couple years back that the Ultimate Warrior had died, but apparently I was wrong. Here he is not too long ago at his new job, a public speaker for the conservative cause, which is somewhat ironic given the first video, talking about why gay people are bad.

So Ricky chimes in with yet another topic that is near and dear to our childhoods, the Ultimate Warrior. Both timely and germane, Ricky. Well done.

1 comment:

Joe said...

The first one ends on like a creepy 9/11 hijacking note.

And how can a man who ran around in makeup, underwear, a fake tan and knee-high boots talk shit about homosexuals?