Friday, February 8, 2008

UPDATE: The Catch

Side Bar asked what we should call the amazing play from the Super Bowl where Eli Manning escaped a sack and then threw the ball seemingly wildly down the field to David Tyree who pinned it against his helmet before securing the catch. Also yesterday on Mike and the Mad Dog, Francesa spent about 3 hours taking calls offering suggestions on what to call the play. Incidentally, Mad Dog was off yesterday and Francesa would sometimes just sit in silence for literally 10 seconds at a time pondering the suggestions people were making. Is he that big of a fucking deal that he can't follow rule number one of radio, never stop talking?

Most of the suggestions from Francessa were pretty bad, but there were some good ones. I wanted to maybe just list a few of the possible names for the sake of fun, and also perhaps to get the picture of the girl peeing in the middle of the street with her breasts hanging out below the fold of the page in the hopes that I can again blog at work.

Here are a couple of ideas, starting with the bad ones:

Flight of the Phoenix (get it, the super bowl was in arizona, near phoenix?)

The Escape Catch (get it, like escape hatch?)

Let's not forget my suggestion to pull in the Fox cross promotion: Prison Break

Those are only a couple of the bad ones I can think of. There were some much worse suggestions on the radio show. Here are some of the better ones:

Catch-42 (get it, for Super Bowl 42?)

Eli to D-Ty, Oh My.

The Helmet Catch

The Tyree-ception

So far I think "Catch-42" is my favorite.

UPDATE: Look what I (Open Bar, that is) did. On the left side of the screen, I set up a friggin' POLL to determine the answer. Should we now takes bets on the Over/Under of what day we reach double-digit responses? Suggestions for both new names for the catch and for what the O/U date should be in the comments, por favor.


Open Bar said...

Provided no one screws everything up by voting multiple times (which I guarantee I will do the moment Helmet Catch starts losing), I'm gonna go with an over under of 3 days.


Joe Grossberg said...

"The Helmet Catch" isn't very, um, catchy ... but it is good enough.

Open Bar said...

Joe, you dummy, you forgot to vote in the poll. And if you don't like the Helmet Catch, you can always vote for "Other" or, in WL's case, "Rusty Kuntz".

The Notorious LJT said...

i voted rusty kuntz