Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Classic Video: I can't decide, but they're funny

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All right, so here are three quick clips. I liked all of them, so I figured what the heckfire, why not put 'em all up. I'm daring an' shit like that. They're all totally safe for work, and the bottom two should be office favorites for all you nerds with "jobs." (Side Bar, how's life?)

First up, this just goes to show you that Tarantino's words can be spoken by anyone or anything, and it still works just as well.

Next up, this is something of a YouTube classic, but I just saw it for the first time. Get out your Unbearable Cuteness Detectors.

And now, imagine if a couple of stoners got REALLY FUCKING HIGH and had just watched the above video. I'm not sure, but I may have actually done this at some point without realizing it, so maybe these two are actually thinking of me. Who knows? Now I'm hungry. Oooohhh, pretzels...

(Thanks to Liquid Television for the first vid.)

1 comment:

The Notorious LJT said...

The Pulp Fiction one is funny, I don't know about baby one - OB. A little suspect.