Monday, February 25, 2008

More Jeopardy fun!

A few months back, we saw the Lord of All He Surveys, Alex Trebek, in a moment of behind-the-scenes brilliance, revealing him to be a total potty-mouthed drunk bastard. It only made me love him more.

Now, here's another little gem from the best game show ever. This kid, who seems like the ULTIMATE Star Wars nerd, somehow misses an insanely obvious question. And his frustration comes to the surface. On live television. (Be sure you have the sound up, you've really got to listen close right before the little slut young lady on the left answers correctly.)

I don't know if you watch much Jeopardy (and you should), but while being able to answer the questions faster than the contestants is all well and good, the biggest challenge during the show happens at the end. I don't mean simply knowing the answer to the Final Jeopardy question, per se, but getting it before the clue is even read. You know how Alex Trebek reads the Final Jeopardy category before the last commercial break? Well, the Holy Grail of Jeopardy answers is to guess it immediately after the category is announced -- before the clue is read. For example:
ALEX TREBEK: Okay, contestants, the Final Jeopardy category is...Inventors. We'll be right back!

OPEN BAR (seated in living room, holding whiskey): Eli Whitney.

DANNY G (that's my roommate, for both of you who didn't know): Thomas Edison.


Now, of course, if that were the actual category, the answer would definitely be Eli Whitney, who invented the cotton gin, because that is always the answer to any question involving inventors or inventing. But the point is, getting the Final Jeopardy question right without even getting the clue makes you boss. Try it at home!

[Thank you, once again, GorillaMask!]

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Joe Grossberg said...

Speaking of Star Wars, did you see the mistake in last night's Final Jeopardy?

Endor is not a planet; it's a moon:

What kind of self-respecting geeks are they?