Sunday, February 3, 2008


As documented in our blog, I'm not necessarily the biggest sports fan going but I couldn't help but get caught up in tonight's Super Bowl and the Giant's gripping playoff run.

My more avid Giant-fans co-bloggers will expand but I just want to take a moment to revel in tonight's win.

Congratulations to the whole Giants team, especially Eli Manning who overcame mad doubters (myself included, admittedly) to win the Super Bowl - becoming the Super Bowl MVP in the process.

Also, props to Plaxico for standing up for the G-Men during the week and not backing down.

A GIANT fuck you to Bill Belichick, you sore losing, fuck-you-touchdown scoring, cheating, Jets abandoning, home wrecking fucking douche bag.

Luke, I am your cheater.

Also, a GIANT fuck you goes out to Tiki Barber, you announcing your retirement half-way through the seasoning, shit talking your former team while Today Show hosting, caterpillar eyebrow having, coach hating even though he taught you how not to be fumbling and going down like a Chuck Knoblauch, rooting for the other teaming and Eli Manning clowning after you're retired bitch!

Don't worry Tiki, you may never win a Super Bowl but you could still land a spot on The View when Babarbara Walters retires.


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Open Bar said...

Well put, friend. I'm still trying to put my body back together after last night's celebration, but it's tremendously gratifying to when something like this happens to a team like the Patriots.