Monday, February 25, 2008

This has nothing to do with anything...

...but I thought it was funny, so here goes. The folks at Google are some of my favorites. If there are still some of you out there who aren't on Gmail, then Why? They also handle Blogger, which allows us to do this thing that we do that you're reading right now. The maps, Google Earth, the books? Oh, and YouTube? Yep.

But Google also keeps track of "Trends," apparently, something which I don't really follow. And yesterday, a particularly interesting trend popped up. Fortunately, there's someone out there who follows this sort of thing, and I guess he found it rather odd. Here's a screen shot:

I've thought back to what I was doing back in January 2006, and though I may or may not have looked one of those things up, I can't remember anything specific that I might have done to provoke this trend.

Oh, and by the way, if you or anyone you know works at the Google office in Manhattan, is there any way I could maybe come by for lunch one day? I've heard the most amazing things about the cafeteria there, and I've made it a life goal to find a way into that place. I am definitely willing to whore myself to achieve this goal, so take that as you will.

(I hope this didn't require an "NSFW" warning.)

(And if that pic is blurry, you can see it more clearly here.)

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