Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mamma Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea

(Auth. note: My last post seemed like sort of a lazy way of contributing, but I imagine it will be the more enjoyable of the two).

This is probably wrong, but am I the only one who thought it was hilarious that Silvio Berlusconi got jacked up by some crazy dude in Italy the other day? (side note: in a sign that, beyond their penchant for talking with their hands, Italians also have a sense of humor, Reuters reports that sales of the statuette that was used in the attack on Berlusconi have increased since the incident).

And, as if the original incident wasn't bizarre enough, some other dude got arrested a few days later for trying to go into Berlusconi's hospital room. Apparently he just wanted to chat.

Maybe it is just me, but I think this is insane. We spent weeks talking about some gie who threw a shoe at George Bush (and missed - eeeeeee). And then this country was riveted (at least until we found out Tiger was banging every skank with a cell phone and a facebook page) by two people who got close enough to our President just to take a picture.

The Italian PM gets pummeled in the face and then some other dude tries to break into the hospital room where he is recovering to debate the cosa nostra or something. The secret service would get roasted to a crisp if that shit ever happened here. I'm just saying.


ChuckJerry said...

Clever title.

It really is too bad it can only be understood by those of us who happened to be in 8th grade at BF in 1991/2.

Open Bar said...

Hang on. I don't get the title. Is this a Pioneer Pizza reference?

ChuckJerry said...

Remember when anything moderately embarrassing used to happen and everyone used to make that strange sound that can best be transcribed as "eeeeeeeee"?

I think that's what he was going for.