Monday, December 7, 2009

Pack It Up, Pack It In, Please Let It End

I'm on record as having said that I love Scrubs. The first several seasons were among the best in comedy show history, as far as I'm concerned. Just this past week the 8th season premiered and, good Lord in Heaven, was it bad. This show has jumped the shark in every possible way. First of all, the main characters, all of them, have signed on to return to the show, but in lesser roles than they were in before. Some of them will be in a few episodes this season, some will be on for a couple minutes a show, some won't be on at all. They have changed essentially the entire premise of the show. Instead of taking place in the hospital the whole time and being essentially an "ER Lite", they have moved the hospital (seriously) to a medical school and they are now all teaching classes to medical students in addition to doing occasional doctoring. To make up for the fact that the main characters are on like 50% less, they have introduced all these new characters like medical students and new residents and crap.

This iteration of Scrubs is a shadow of its former self. This show is slowly dying, and it is not pretty. It would be like if every goofball you met who said that he had a really good idea for a Seinfeld episode were actually allowed to come in and write an episode of Seinfeld and have it produced. I don't know who is writing Scrubs nowadays, but I hope that they die. Like tomorrow. I'm at the point now where I can't stop watching the show because I have too much invested in it, but I can't continue to watch it because it sucks so bad and it makes me sad since I remember how good it used to be. And it's not like watching 24 which is probably just as good as it used to be, but is just repeating its formula over and over and is therefore boring. Scrubs has changed, for the worst, and now I'm going to cry. It would have been better if they had just canceled it two years ago instead of trying to resurrect it from the ashes.


Open Bar said...

The older episodes are indeed better, though I imagine you could say that about 95% of all TV series.

In related news, I'm mostly through The Wire, season 2, and I'm beginning to think it might could be better than Scrubs.

Wait and see, wait and see...

ChuckJerry said...

I had planned within the next week about writing a post about how The Wire is the best show in the history of television. I will, in fact, do that unless someone does it before me.