Thursday, December 10, 2009

De La Blog is Dead

The Blog is dead. Long live the Blog.

Wheeeeeeere's Luke has had its ups and downs, but never has it seen a period as difficult as the last two months. And like the Irish monks in the 5th century - preserving the great works during the Dark Ages for posterity and the age of enlightenment that was to come (what?) - Chuck Jerry has kept us afloat during this time of atrophy and indifference.

Indeed, since Halloween, Wheeeeeere's Luke has been aptly named, with no posts by our namesake. We've had the same number from Open Bar, a mere two by yours truly . . . . but a whopping nine by Chuck. He has run the gamut - from the Neverending Story, to the trouble with the Giants (who spanked the Cowboys this weekend . . . eeeeee), to something about being married to Balki Bartokomous.

The blog is at a crossroads. It is 2+ years old and, presumably as with a child, it is starting to feel more like an obligation and less like a true joy. It was something we created - together - something that expresses all of us as one. We couldn't take our eyes off of it for the first six months. Now, it's not nearly as cute as it used to be, people have stopped asking about it, and only one of us is doing any of the work necessary to take care of it while the others are out getting loaded all the time.

On the other hand, the blog has a surprising number of readers, and brings joy to tens of thousands people of every day once in a while. How can my friends in Boston get through their day without our observations about why the Knicks suck? Don't LJT's family members need to be assured that he still demonstrates horrendous judgment? Doesn't everyone want to know how fuckin' awesome America is?

Hence the crossroads. I will try to think of interesting things to say and post once a week. Open Bar and LJT - the gauntlet has been thrown. Chuck has carried us through the Dark Ages. Let the age of enlightenment begin.


Open Bar said...

Yeah, posting has been light lately, fine. Not sure that means we gotta start urn shopping just yet.

I've got a few things kicking around that I just need to sit down and finish.

And now a dumb joke that's funny:

Q: What did the cannibal do after dumping his girlfriend?

A: He wiped his ass.

The Notorious LJT said...

maybe we should move the blog to northern bergen county and get a volvo, it can live in sidebar's basement in when he does that in 2010

Side Bar said...

I know right! It is so gay when people get a car and move to New Jersey.

(Turns awkwardly to look at LJT)

The Notorious LJT said...


Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm just impressed that you figured out how to "white out" Blog over Soul (as you are the guy, after all, who still hasn't embraced Facebook). Well done.

Anonymous said...

re: "urn shopping" (o.b. comment)

This is our most modestly priced receptacle.

Just because we're bereaved doesn't mean were saps.


Is there a Ralph's nearby?

Open Bar said...

Thank you for noticing, Walt. I had wondered if I left that reference a bit obscure.

ChuckJerry said...

"and brings joy to tens of thousands people of every day once in a while"

That might be the best line in our blog's history. Side Bar has at least the top 5, by the way. (It would let me cross out the words)

The blog shouldn't be an obligation. I know I enjoy posting. I must admit, I've got a bit of an Andy Kaufman thing where sometimes I strive to post something that no one could possibly enjoy save for myself. Like that tic tac thing.

Also my plan for the last few months was to keep posting with at least a little regularity and then after a month passed in which I was the only one to post I was gonna change the title to "ChuckJerry's blog featuring Open Bar, Side Bar, and LJT". Less in a spiteful way and more in that Andy Kaufman way. I can't decide if it would have been funny or not.

The Commodore said...

As one of your ten fans, I hope you guys don't stop the blog. Although I rarely comment, I check the blog with regularity and enjoy the things you guys have to say. Long live the blog!

Amanda said...

Keep blogging my friends, keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

Chuck that would have been hysterical for the record.

I think I will post on my blog that it's dying, with the hope that it inspires me to post like 4 dope posts in a row.

Anonymous said...

It may take me a while, and I admit I often "catch-up" on a few days (or weeks) worth of posts in one sitting, but I def enjoy it. Sometimes I even learn a little something.