Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What The Eff, America? Breath Mint Edition

Ok, think quickly; what is your favorite one-calorie breath mint? You said tic tacs, right? So what's the effing deal with tic tacs actually having 1.9 calories per mint? I'm looking at the box of spearmint tic tacs right now. They couldn't possibly claim that 1.9 calories is 1 calorie, can they? Is it just that one calorie in the '80s is worth 1.9 calories today because of inflation? I don't think calories work that way*. I've been lied to for my entire lifetime. Damn, I'm not gonna sleep tonight.

* - (I would hope that the tone of the post is such that I don't have to disclaim that I'm actually certain that calories don't work this way.)

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