Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Open Letter to David Gregory



I've been an avid Meet The Press watcher for roughly seven years now.

I started to watch this institution of a TV show while it was under the care of your predecessor, the late great Tim Russert.

What made Tim so great was that he was uber-prepared. He asked tough questions and he let people answer those tough questions. If they didn't have an answer or their answer was bullshit, he stood back and let them make an asshole out of themselves.

I also enjoyed when he read a five page excerpt from some article and would get half the words wrong.

You are now the host of the show and I have to tell you, Dave, you're fucking it up.

You are the moderator and, so, your job is to moderate - not to be the focal point all the time. You're not a White House correspondent anymore.

I get it, you do your homework. That's great.

Yes, your guests bullshit and contradict themselves - they are politicians.

You hardly let them get a word out of their mouth before you start to cut them off to point out what hypocritical assholes they are.

Please give us, your viewers, some credit. We know if someone is dodging your question or bullshitting. You can ask tough questions and follow up if they don't truly answer without sounding like a kid crying to mom that their older brother is picking on them.

I know you think you are being a journalist, but really you're just being a fucking whiny bitch.

Please calm the fuck down, you're ruining a formerly great show.


The Notorious LJT


ChuckJerry said...

Tim Russert was so great that I used to watch Chris Matthews, Meet the Press, and McGlaughlin Group just because of him.

I don't ever watch Chris Matthews anymore, McGlaughlin isn't on NBC anymore, and I don't know if it's on anywhere to be honest.

I only watch Meet the Press now if the guest sounds interesting. I used to never miss it no matter who was on, but now I just don't care. Most weeks I DVR it and never watch it.

Open Bar said...

They picked the wrong guy for the job. Interestingly, the right guy for the job -- Chuck Todd -- now occupies Gregory's old seat in the White House briefing room.

(For the record, I was saying this long ago: http://wheres-luke.blogspot.com/2008/06/tim-russert-died.html

Side Bar said...

I'm a day late on this, but I would just like to add that Meet the Press is just about unwatchable with David Gregory. In fact, I did not realize how great Russert was until he was gone (sniff). MTP with Russert was as much a part of my Sunday ritual as a Giants game. You just watched it every single week with no exception. Now, unless the guest is the President or Emmanuelle Chriqui, I don't bother.