Friday, March 14, 2008

Billy Crystal is dead to me, too.

So this should absolutely go in the "Comments" section, but it is so fucking irritating to me that I had to post it to the site lest anyone miss it.

Open Bar did a fine job of walking us through the dreadful publicity stunt cooked up by the Yankees and the Billy Crystal people, so I will not re-hash that here. The only thing I want to add, though, is that this over-the-hill douchebag who makes a federal case about being such a die-hard Yankee fan is actually an owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

What is that? Is he a passionate fan of the game or a dispassionate investor looking to make a few bucks? You are welcome to look at baseball as a business and make a financial investment, knock yourself out. But you can't be all high and mighty about your fan-dom on the one hand, but also own part of another team. "I remember my first trip to Yankee Stadium when I was seven, the grass, the sounds, the smells." Eat me. The smell was some fat guy who had just puked on your shoes, and the sound was a drunk guy cursing at Phil Rizzuto.

(Side note: That's another thing I hate: stop romanticizing shit just because it happened a long time ago. I remember my first trip to Shea: we sat in the fucking nosebleeds and snuck in cans of RC Cola because our parents were kind of cheap, and me and Open Bar got lost in the parking lot because he was an idiot who couldn't follow our dads who were directly in front of us until they weren't. But I digress (side note (x2): OB -- that would actually be a halfway-decent post; if each of us told that story based on our very different recollections of the events).

And please, don't write back to me and tell me that "it's ok, he loves the Yankees, and the Diamondbacks thing is just an investment," etc., etc. Bullshit. That's just crap. You are never going to see Open Bar or me investing in the Atlanta fucking Braves.

In sum, My Giant sucked and Billy Crystal should have been shot for City Slickers 2. Stick to the Oscars, grandpa.


The Notorious LJT said...

You're fuckin' awesome, Open Bar.

Billy Crystal has always been a hayuuuge Yankees fan and it's not like this is unprecedented. I think Kevin Costner and Billy Ray Cyrus and other celebrities have done the same thing.

The whole owning a part of another team though, is kind of wack and does add validity to your argument.

Also, the D-Backs won a heartbreaking World Series over the Yanks in '01.

So I guess it seems OK to me to let the superfan get in a spring training once in a blue moon but it 's kind of stupid if said fan owns another team.

How can you pass yourself off as bleeding Yankees blue when you own another team?

The Notorious LJT said...

Sidebar's brother (MMG) and I hung out while Side and Open Bar's fathers looked for them.

I remember two things.

First, I wasn't at all concerned.

Second, it was Rusty Staub day for that game and all the Mets came out in red wigs and then they drove Rusty out in a red (I think) convertible. While MMG and I were standing there, the convertible drove right by us, which I thought was pretty cool at the time.

Anonymous said...

Billy Crystal is actually a real dick. He was sitting in front of us at a broadway show about 18 years ago or so, I was a kid and got really excited, so I asked him for an autograph. He turns to me and says, "Don't fuckin' bother me again kid". Thats pretty messed up.

Some of you might say, "do you know how many people bother him on a daily basis?". My answer to that is "I don't give a shit". These clowns make millions of dollars at our expense, and that money and stardom is not free, it comes with an obligation. An obligation to a 13 year old kid who had seen and loved every one of his movies.

FUCK YOU BILLY CRYSTAL! YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE! I am so happy he got dissed from hosting the oscars. Jon Stewart does a better job anyway!

Anonymous said...

Similar thing happend at a ball game but instead of a kid, he was rude to an old man who you could tell was dying.