Monday, March 10, 2008

The Oldest Profession: Governor of NY?

I am going to spend the next 30 minutes or so "live blogging" the Eliot Spitzer news conference in which he is expected to announce some form of involvement in a prostitution ring in and around New York.

2:15p. Listening on Newsradio 88. So far, the only disclosure is that Spitzer is "involved" in a prostitution ring.

2:19p. Nothing yet, but shades of Jim McGreevy are everywhere. If Spitzer announces "I am a horny American," I am going to shit myself.

2:28p. Maybe he's getting cold feet . . .

2:31p. After a sports update, we learn that Johan had a nasty day against the Sawx, so that's nice. Still nothing on Pimpzer . . .

2:39p. I am already bored of this story. It's going to be a long news week.

2:51p. New details: Spitzer may have been a client of the prostitution ring that was broken up in NYC last week. Cell phone records may have connected him. No press conference yet.

3:04p. Spitzer was apparently known as "Client Number 9." Are they going to start calling him Love Potion Spitzer? No? Yeah, that was pretty weak.

3:05p. Apparently there are some reports that he is not going to remain as governor.

3:12p. Newsradio just broadcast the very end of Spitzer's remarks . . . I have no clue how they didn't get the beginning. He did not resign (apparently), and did not take questions. He said he needed to spend some time with his family, regain their trust, etc.

"Hi Honey it's me . . . well I have good news and bad news . . . "

Ok, so, worst live blog ever. His speech was like 40 seconds, 3/4 of which the radio station missed. They can't all be gems.

Shifting gears here, the potential headlines for tomorrow are phenomenal. Here are a few ideas:

  • Eliot's Mess
  • New York Head Going Down
  • You Gotta Be Spitzin' Me!

Let's get some others from this crowd . . .


Open Bar said...

I feel like this somehow must involve New Jersey. This level of close by...

The Notorious LJT said...

Open Bar, you are correct:

According to the office of the United States attorney in Manhattan, Mark Brener, 62, of New Jersey, was the leader of the ring, but delegated day-to-day business responsibilities to Cecil Suwal, 23, also of New Jersey. The office said that Ms. Suwal controlled the bank accounts, took applications from prospective prostitutes and oversaw two booking agents, identified by the authorities as Temeka Rachelle Lewis, 32, of Brooklyn, and Tanya Hollander, 36, of Rhinebeck, N.Y. ...

Open Bar said...

Guv's Luv Trysts

Pimpzter's Follies


Spitz, not Swallowz

Open Bar said...

Tonight on the Daily Show:

Spitzer Swallows (way better than my version)

Colbert Report:

Eliot Mess!

Shit, it's almost like those shows have real writers.

ChuckJerry said...

Ao again an investigation is started to unearth apparent wrongdoing, but the only evidence that is turned up is that a guy with a bunch of power had sex outside of his marriage.

If his wife is pissed, I entirely understand. Everyone else just calm down, don't break the screen. How much taxpayer money did we spend to find out that Spitzy likes to get laid?

Open Bar said...

Today's Daily News headline:

"Pay For Luv Gov"

Winner = Me!

The Notorious LJT said...
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The Notorious LJT said...

Governwhore Spitzer