Friday, March 21, 2008

Funny = Hot: Part Deux

I'll stick with Janeane Garofalo as the person who's good looking-ness increases the most because she's funny, but the rest of you are calling for a recall, then I'll offer a couple more. One at Open Bar's suggestion, and another who I'm now going to put into the number one spot, that I assume will also be assailed by my blogmates. So fuck you guys in advance.

Addendum #1 - Amy Poehler

Amy is cute as a button. Are buttons cute? What does that even mean? Interestingly she's the most versatile cast memeber on SNL because she's not traditionally good looking, in the sense that she plays a lot of teenage boys on the show, and her best character, Caitlin, (Rick, Rick, Rick, it's only 8 hours 'til uncle Rob's wedding and I get to be a bridesmaid walking down the aisle all ba-da-da-da, ba-de-da-da. That doesn't translate as well in print) is like a 9 year old girl. But then since she is so funny, bam, hotter. Also she's married to Will Arnett, who was in Arrested Development and Blades of Glory, so that's extra bonus points. Did you see their Gap ad over Christmas time? So cute.

The new #1 person whose hotness is increased by her funniness - Kathy Griffin

First of all, before you get all riled up about this, Kathy Griffin is 47 years old. She's not gonna win any beauty contests, but the fact that she is hysterically funny makes her mad cool, and therefore much more attractive than she would otherwise be. The focus of that point being the "otherwise would be". PS - Watch her reality show if and when it comes back on the air. Awesome. Or if you can catch one of her stand up routines on like the Bravo channel then watch it. I know I know, you're saying, "I'm not gay. I don't watch Bravo". Well, maybe you should start.


Open Bar said...

First of all, thank you for the Amy Poehler addition. She is the perfect example of your whole case. I think a good many men would love to have her jaw. Her eyes are mad close together, too. She's just not that good-looking. Buuuuut, she's so goddamn funny, her "flaws" turn out to work in her favor. Instead of "ugly" she becomes "unique" (or something).

However, regarding your second one: ARGH! GET A CRUCIFIX! SOMEBODY SHOOT IT!

The Notorious LJT said...

kathy griffin is not hot.