Thursday, March 20, 2008

Funny = Hot

I'm prepared to offer several examples of some ladies who are made hotter by the fact that they are funny (incidentally, this is the first post with the "hot women" label. I, for one, am surprised). The idea is to do this in countdown form with the number one person being the one who gains the most on her attractiveness relative to her objective beauty, though we'll see how that actually works out.

Anyway, I feel I'm pretty close to proving this theory: Funny = Hot. I think the reason that funny ladies are good looking is because finding someone funny is finding some sort of common ground. Also people who are funny have to be pretty smart, and intelligence is definitely attractive. I'm of the opinion that life is pretty absurd in general, so people who seem to have come to the same conclusion are all pretty cool in my book. And then once a woman is cool, it's just a short step to becoming attractive.

Number 4 - Chelsea Handler

Ok, Chelsea Handler is good looking to begin with. But then when she starts talking shit on her talk show, Chelsea Lately, on the E! channel, and she's goddamned hysterical, and you want to leave your life as it is and in a reverse Eat, Pray, Love (no one else watches Oprah?)type of situation, head out to LA and marry her. By the way, if you're wondering who Chelsea Handler is, you should watch her show on the E! channel. It's stupid funny.

Number 3 - Sarah Silverman

Sara Silverman is also pretty good looking to begin with in my opinion, but I've heard differing views. Interestingly, the people who think she's not funny at all also tend to be the people who think she's not good looking. I think this serves to prove the point. I can understand if you don't think she's funny, but for me, she's one of the funniest people out there. It's like you see a beautiful rose out in a garden and then that rose starts cursing at you and talking about fucking Matt Damon, and it's just really funny to me.

Number 2 - Tina Fey

Dude, it's definitely the glasses here. Glasses are really sexy. Also the funny thing. And she doesn't take herself too seriously, obviously. I mean, a good portion of her show, 30 Rock, is about how lame she is and how she generally sucks at life (shout out to MECG's sister CC, for the "sucks at life" reference).

Number 1 - Janeane Garofalo

Janeane is objectively kindof funny looking, but I've always thought she was really funny and, as a result, kindof good looking. She's recently gone a little bit crazy with the outspoken uber-liberal thing. That's less funny, and also less attractive.


Joe Grossberg said...

Sarah Silverman is neither funny, not hot (at least by celeb standards). And believe me, I love the Jewish pussy.

The Notorious LJT said...

personally, i think sarah silverman is both funny and hot

ChuckJerry said...

This is exactly what I mean.

If you fine her funny, then she's atuomatically hotter. If you don't think she's funny, then you don't think she's hot.

Open Bar said...

Dude, Janeane Garofalo?

The Notorious LJT said...

Yea janeane garofalo isn't cute. maybe when she was younger.

I don't really find her funny though, so maybe that proves your point again.

ChuckJerry said...

Well, again, this is my point. Objectively she's not all that good looking. I just (maybe I should step back here, this is circa 1995, Ben Stiller show Reality Bites kindof a thing) thought that she was the prime example.

Go watch Reality Bites and tell me you wouldn't date her character because she's not good looking enough even though she's funny and smart.

Open Bar said...

I wouldn't date her character from Reality Bites because she's not good-looking enough. There, I said it.

You may find her funny and therefore more attractive, but you would be absolutely wrong about both. And don't give me any of this "Well that's my opinion" crap.

Ugly is ugly.

By the way, where's Amy Poehler on this list?