Monday, March 31, 2008

Yeah, So, Optimism Abounding

I don't know if the Walt "Clyde" Frazier reference in the title really comes through in print.

Anyway, as I blog, Aaron Heilman is wrapping up the Mets first victory of the season. (I'm not too concerned about jinxing the victory after MMG was teasing Diesal during the Giants' playoff run with the "book the tickets to Green Bay" jabs.) I'm really encouraged by several aspects of today's game:

1) Johan pitched. 7 innings, 3 hits. I'll extend this optimism to the whole starting pitching staff (Heilman just ended the game with 2 Ks and a comebacker). I have a lot of confidence in Pedro to pitch well, I like Oliver Perez, and I have been the official driver of the John Maine bandwagon for two years now. Also Mike Pelfrey is tall.

2)David Wright is hitting 3rd and Carlos Beltran is hitting 4th. That's great. I'm glad they're not trying to front like Delgado still deserves to be the number 4 hitter. If and when Alou comes back, they could even put him in the 5th spot and Delgado in the 6th. Wright and Beltran both had 2 doubles apiece today. And D-Dub had the game breaking hit with a bases loaded double from the 3 spot. Clutch.

3) Luis Castillo got on base 3 times today. He had 2 walks and a bunt base hit. He also stole a base. That's a number 2 hitter. I thought he was much older, too. He's only 32. That 4 year contract makes a little bit more sense now (not much more, though).

4) Angel Pagan (oxymoron) continued his hot hitting from spring training and had an RBI double. I'd like to see more of a platoon in right between Ryan Church and Endy Chavez. If and when Alou comes back, they're gonna have a lot of bench outfielders. I'm not sure what they're gonna do with all those guys. I can't imagine that Alou and Church are gonna be carved in stone by any stretch of the imagination, however.

5) I have a fair amount of confidence in Jorge Sosa, Aaron Heilman, and Billy Wagner. A fair amount. Six innings out of a starter with a lead will win them a lot of games.

My first in stadium game is April 10th vs. the NL East champion Phillies (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit). I really hope the little parking lot by the subway station is open, but I don't think it is anymore.

Side Notes: Blastings Milledge hit a home run and scored the go ahead run in the Nationals victory over the NL East champion Phillies (someone just ran up and kicked me in the nuts), on a hit by Paul LoDuca. Since he's going to play every day, I can almost guarantee a very good year for Milledge. Both Kerry Woods and Eric Gagne blew 3 run saves in the same game today. Looks like 101 years for the Cubs. The Diamondbacks are really good. I'm watching the Twins and Angels right now. Livan Hernandez (of the Twins, who knew?) has turned into his half brother El Duque (minus the never-ending injury problems). Livan no longer throws fast, he's just a crafty, location, speed changing pitcher. Also Carlos Gomez looks really good in that Twins uniform. Gomez is currently 2 for 2, by the way, with a double and a run scored and a really nice bunt base hit. He's fucking fast, too. I like him, but that was a fucking great trade. (Imagine for a half second, though, Milledge, Gomez, and Beltran in the outfield.)


The Notorious LJT said...

that lastings milledge trade was completely stupid.

Open Bar said...

Yeah, so our outfield now has guys named "Angel Pagan" and "Church". I wonder what "Beltran" means in Spanish.

I'm going with "pew". No, wait, "steeple." That would be awesome.