Friday, August 15, 2008

CockBlogging: Mad Dog, Olympics, and Deep Thoughts

I have been a right bastard for not posting more recently and I apologize to those of you who may have noticed. I've been somewhat busy with random things recently and whatever. Bottom line, I'm a bastard. I'm even more of a bastard because the three things I have been intending to post about recently are about a) Mike and the Mad Dog, b) the Olympics, and c) some random thoughts. The last three posts by my compatriots have addressed those three topics, but solipsism waits for no man, so I will readdress them.

Mike and the Mad Dog - I watched the beginning of the show on the YES Network today. It doesn't sound like the reason Russo left was because of fighting between him and Mike. Both of them went out of their own ways to say that they weren't fighting at the moment and that Russo was leaving essentially to pursue other opportunities. I think I believe them, though I know that part of it was that Mike is too big of a personality and Russo wants to go and be the man somewhere.

The Olympics - I, unlike LJT have always loved the Olympics. I have, I'm not joking, spent at least an hour or two watching things like archery, judo, and badminton on the Korean and Chinese channels in the past few days.

By far the best event in the Olympics is trampoline. Look out for that in the next couple of days now that real gymnastics is over. Also diving is really dope. Synchronized diving is in some ways even cooler.

Look out for the track and field events coming up after swimming. That should be interesting. I think USA basketball will win the gold, though I'll tell you for sure after tomorrow's game with Spain.

It really pisses me off that the alternate Olympics channel, which has 24 hour coverage, uses literally 18 of those hours to cover boxing. That shit is always on boxing, which is why I have been watching other more interesting events on the Korean channel.

I would like to see a little more variety in the coverage, but I guess the primetime coverage of live swimming and gymnastics is just bread and butter type shit.

Why is it that the women's beach volleyball teams have to wear miniscule bikinis? The mens' teams wear tank tops and gym shorts and the women wear almost nothing. It's definitely degrading.

Squee Oop, dinner's ready. I'll save the random thoughts for later.


Open Bar said...

"I've been somewhat busy with random things recently and whatever."

Says the guy who's on summer vacation.

ChuckJerry said...

That's why the things are random. Also I went back to work this week. Also let's savor the irony of you commenting on my work habits.

Side Bar said...

. . . (savoring) . . .

Chuck - given the dominant US win over Spain I assume you are ready to call the gold for America? I know I am. Nice work out of the "Redeem Team."

Also, watching the Michael Phelps seventh gold medal in a bar on Friday night (the one where he won by .01 seconds) was absolutely fucking awesome. About 200 New Yorkers - people who seem to pride themselves on being above just about everything - were completely, and totally into the race and into the moment. Phelps seems like maybe he isn't going to medical school anytime soon, but good for him for doing something so amazing.

ChuckJerry said...

Phelps seems like maybe he isn't going to medical school anytime soon, but good for him for doing something so amazing.

Well, some of us can swim real good and some of us know how to use "schizophrenic" in its proper context.