Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Olympics

I generally haven't really cared much about The Olympics the last couple of times around and I didn't even really care much when they started.
This week, my girlfriend and I were dog sitting in Manhattan and we have found ourselves watching every night and I really have enjoyed it.
Actually, I've enjoyed most of it - some of it I don't give a fuck about and, because I know you're interested how I feel about it, in detail I shall award medals to the three most interesting stories so far:
The Gold: Michael Phelps. This guy is amazing. I think it's really fascinating to watch an all time great athlete in his prime. Phelps just blows away the competition. Sometimes he's sort of taking it easy and you think someone else may have a chance and then you find he was just fucking with you and blows by. Also, it's been fun watching his medal chase.

The Silver: Gymnastics. The shit they do is pretty crazy.
    • The men's team (even though they're kids) bronze medal win was very exciting, although at the end these guys were trying to be, like, all hard-core into the camera. Shouting things like: "Yo, whatup kid representing America!" or "This is how we do!" or "Big ups, America". I sort of felt embarassed for them. Yes, it's a dope moment but, guys, you are: 5'4, white, a male gymnast and just came in third. You can probably leave the hard core thing in the locker room, thanks. His mouth is pretty fucked up or something but I'm sure he gets plenty of poontang anyway so I don't think we have to feel bad for him.
    • The women's team. Unlike the men's team, they had a good shot at winning the gold. They were pretty bad ass for a while, but then that chick Alecia Sacramona fell off the balance beam and then the rest of them kind of fucked up too. I felt badly for her but right before hand she was looking pretty cocky while joking around and shit right before she missed the balance beam.
    • The Chinese girls' team. You have to be sixteen to be a women's gymnastics olympian, apparently and there is no way those Chinese girls are sixteen. They look like they're nine.
The Bronze: Swimming in general. I guess racing is just fun and swimming is always so close it's just very entertaining. The girls are mad built by the way, they're backs are huge, it's a little weird looking.

For some reason I really could care less about volleyball. Someone apparently thinks I should, as it is on ALL THE FUCKING TIME but I just don't. Really. The women jumping around in bikinis is nice, though.

I'll watch boxing for a few minutes; softball for about one minute; and skeet shotting for maybe thirty seconds.

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Side Bar said...

Runner-Up: Every event that President Bush has attended, with that dopey smile and corny flag wave, in the midst of an international incident. I know they don't let him do anything any more, and that's fine, and I was all in favor of him popping over to see the olympics for like a minute or two, but couldn't he fly back to D.C. and at least pretend to be engaged in this Georgia-Russia thing?