Thursday, August 28, 2008

John McCain is an asshole, part 2

"That bitch behind me better not get ugly. Wait, what?
She already looks like a corpse? Call my divorce lawyer.
Uh...have I mentioned I'm a POW?"

(This is a follow-up to Side Bar's previous post, so definitely read that first. I think this will be the second in a long line of us trying to point out that genuine-war-hero John McCain might just be a total fucking jackass douchebag as well. LJT and Chuck: Please feel free to join in. There's shitloads of evidence out there. Also, if any of our tens of readers feel like contributing, let us know. Send an email, post a comment, call us, whatever. But please don't call me in the morning, especially on the weekend. I have a scheduled hangover, and I really can't move it.)

John McCain's first wife, Carol, was totally faithful to him while he was locked up and tortured for five-and-a-half years in Vietnam. During those years, she took care of their three children. Except for when she was hospitalized after life-saving surgery, when the kids (as well as some other family friends, I'm sure) had to take care of her.

Carol McCain had a horrific car accident in 1969 -- on Christmas Eve, no less, while she was delivering presents to friends -- where she flew through the windshield and barely survived. After her surgery, she didn't look the same. Just like any other human being who endures such an event.

John McCain came home from Vietnam unable to lift his arms above his shoulders, due to the daily torture he endured there. (Not really torture, though, according to a certain current president John McCain fully supports. That's hinky.) He, too, was disfigured.

Many people would consider moving on if her/his spouse was gone for five-and-a-half years, much less if she/he knew the likelihood of his/her return was unlikely, as it would be if the missing spouse were a POW for that length of time. Carol McCain, however, stayed faithful.

Like John, Carol had nearly died. When he finally returned home, a courageous hero of the highest order, what happened? He saw that his wife looked different. Read: not as hot as before. She was shorter. She was uglier. She was fatter. So John McCain began cheating all over the place, after a few years settling on the rich (family-rich, not earned by her), hot ex-rodeo queen. He then used her family's money to finance his now-ex-wife's alimony, housing, and medical care. Apparently, John McCain – who had endured five-and-a-half years of torture – could not endure his wife, his ever-faithful wife, looking the way she did. He had adopted her two children from her first marriage; they had had a child together. But, I guess, even that wasn't enough.

John McCain earned a whole hell of a lot of good will during those five-and-a-half years. But does that count for everything? As Side Bar pointed out, he was in his mid-40s when he decided to spend six months pursuing this rich heiress while he was still married to Carol McCain. This can't, a la George. W. Bush, be chalked up to “youthful indiscretion.”

And this is the candidate playing the “character” and “integrity” cards?


For the record (and this is not meant to be dickish [“McCainish”?]), here's how Cindy McCain looks these days. How long will she be around?


ChuckJerry said...

This story is not interesting to me. Though I am wondering how they had three kids between 1965 when they got married and 1967 when he got POWed. That's some Irish shit right there.

Plenty of gies have been married twice and plenty of gies cheat on their wives who are not disfigured. You could make a roundabout argument that that's even worse.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Government is fascinating, politics is lame.

Open Bar said...

Me: "He had adopted her two children from her first marriage; they had had a child together."

You: "I am wondering how they had three kids between 1965 when they got married and 1967 when he got POWed. That's some Irish shit right there."

Me: Smart, very good-looking.

You: Dumb, not attractive.

Furthermore, I don't care if you don't find it "interesting", the point is that this McCain fuckwad is trying to run on integrity and character, and he violated those things about as badly as one can.

ChuckJerry said...