Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I just got back from Hawaii tonight, and I am going to write about it as soon as I can (You know what's fucking awesome? Hawaii). I am a little behind the other posts, and I will comment when I can, but I was watching the Mets tonight, and I had to get a Keith-ism on the record. In the top of the 8th, with Daniel Murphy pinch hitting, Keith was explaining that there are many ways out of a slump, and talked about the variety of remedies available to a struggling hitter, and concluded:

"It's 6 or 7, half dozen of the other." Now, never mind that this particular saying had absolutley no relevance to the situation at hand, Keith clearly does not understand what it means. If I could figure out a way to post the video here, I would. I have watched it about 13 times tonight.


Open Bar said...

Cockblogging asshole.

Open Bar said...

Okay, I see now that you did comment, but it's my firm conviction that you did that belatedly, in an attempt to ward off any "cockblogging" accusations.

If I'm wrong, fine. But I'm totally right and will accept no arguments.