Friday, August 1, 2008

Don't Worry Fans, 86 Years From Now We'll Be Great

Apparently the Boston Red Sox hate winning. How desparate could they possibly be to trade Manny Ramirez, plus two prospects, for Jason Bay? What could he possibly have done? They might have felt like they weren't going to win with him, but they're definitely not going to win without him. And he only had two months left on the contract after 8 years. It just don't make no goddamned sense.

I was all ready to write a post that was titled something like, "Dear Mets, Remember1986? Well, Fuck You Too," when they were going to trade him to the Marlins, but that fell through. So the Red Sox managed to do favors to both the Yankees and Mets yesterday.

The Mets didn't really do anything at the deadline, but neither the did Marlins or Phillies, so we'll see what happens. I won't hold my breath.

The Yankees filled holes in the outfield (Nady), bullpen (Marte), and catcher (Rodriguez). The Red Sox got worse, and the (Devil) Rays did nothing. I think the Yankees are going to make the playoffs again based on yesterday.

Someone explain this to me. Unless Manny was murdering people in the clubhouse, I really don't understand this move at all.


Open Bar said...

There's certainly an argument to be made that Jason Bay isn't gonna replace Manny Ramirez's production, at least this year.

But over the next few years, I'll take Bay over Manny. Bay is 29, just entering his prime; Manny is 36 and clearly on the down slope. Also, Manny's a terrible outfielder; Bay is pretty good.

Theo Epstein's a smart guy. I'm sure he realized he was getting rid of one of the best hitters ever, just as I'm sure he felt he absolutely had to do it.

Oh, and what's with the "86 years" thing in the title? That might've worked in 2005, but in case you forgot, the Sox won again last year. You sound like some retarded yankees fan who still yells "1918" at Red Sox fans.

In related news, wouldn't it be awesome if I hooked up with Megan Fox?

ChuckJerry said...

Yes, that would be awesome.

They built a powerhouse with Manny at the core. The same way they had a powerhouse with Babe Ruth at the core, and then they traded him.

It's a poor analogy given that Ruth had way over a decade of productivity left and Manny doesn't, but that's what I was getting at.