Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Doctor is Out

All the talk about illegal substances and baseball players got me thinking . . . wasn't Dwight Gooden the coolest? The answer, beyond all doubt, is no.

This guy makes Blizzard Man look hard.


Open Bar said...

That's fucked up, man. Doc was my hero. I had his poster an' everything.

You just didn't know him like I did. When it was just me and him, he was a whole different person. He picked flowers for me.

A few years later, he realized the petals weren't coca leaves. Then he would get mad.

Well, at least he didn't torture me by signing with the yankees.


ChuckJerry said...

Rap song, rap song. We are friends and we’re all in a gang. We rap and sing and we jump around, and the ladies show their butts and we all touch our ding dongs.

Rice said...

My enjoyment of this was amazingly enhanced by the 2 mug shots and 2shots of Doc, cuffed, in an orange jump suit. The Weird Al-like rap and Miami Vice-worthy shots were cool too, but it wouldn't have been the same without the reminders of Doc's life after baseball.

Of all currently players, who is the most likely candidate to have a you tubed Kanye West rap over a few mug shots 20 years from now? And Clemens, and all of the steriod boys, don't count.