Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Fundamental Difference of Opinion On a Matter of Epic Importance

I have discussed this with him him in person, but I now realize that this is clearly the more appropriate forum for this debate. Open Bar and I have a fundamental disagreement on the nature of the blog. More specifically the way the tags are sorted.

Open Bar has sorted them in numerical order. Thus, the tags that are most frequently used are at the top of the list. His feeling, as he relayed it to me, and which I've undoubtedly skewed to suit my disagreement, is that it's better to see which tags are used most frequently and then you get an idea of what we blog about most often.

My feeling is that the tags whould be sorted alphabetically. I find myself sometimes with nothing to do searching through the archives of the blog and I'll want to read a particularly witty post, typically written by me, the captain of wit. Or I'll just feel like reading all the posts that have the "music" tag or some such thing. The problem is that I can't just look on the list for the "music" tag. I have to essentially read every line in order to find the tag because I don't have any idea how many posts have the "music" tag.

My feeling is that if it were alphabetical, then it would be easy to find any particular tag I was looking for. Also if they were sorted alphabetically, it would be pretty easy to find the most popular tags, given that the number of posts is right next to the tag. It's much easier to spot bigger numbers next to an alphabetical list than to spot specific tags in a numberical list. I had at one point resorted the tags alphabetically, figuring i was just a default setting and no one would notice or care, but within a couple days it had been resorted numerically.

Open Bar, I believe I'm characterizing his opinion correctly, agrees that the tags are harder to find in the numerical list, but suggests using the "ctrl-f" search feature to find a specific tag or simply the search blog feature at the top of the page. I feel this kidof defeats the purpose of the tag list, but hey, maybe I'm wrong.

Good day, sir. I said good day.


Open Bar said...

You forgot the bit about "Open Bar" being the first tag when it's done numerically.

I was thinking about putting a poll for this issue up on the top left, but it would get depressing when after a week it was still 1-1.


The Notorious LJT said...

I think I'd have to agree with ChuckJer on this one.

Open Bar said...

"I have to essentially read every line in order to find the tag because I don't have any idea how many posts have the "music" tag."

There's simply no reason for a rational person who knows the Ctrl+F shortcut to do that. Ctrl+F is a much easier even than scrolling through an alphabetical list because it finds it for you.

And LJT, blow me.

Side Bar said...

I agree w/Open Bar. In fact, as I was reading this post, I was thinking to myself - "just use ctrl + F, you dumbass" - before you even mentioned it.

I like the numerical sorting because it puts the authors at the top.

I also like debate and disagreement, so I thought a vote to make it 2-2 would be more interesting.

Open Bar said...

Fuck this tie bullshit. LJT, come to your senses here. There really is no serious case to be made. I understand you were temporarily swayed by Chuck's now-revealed-to-be-nonsensical turdpile of an opinion, but without resorting to name-calling, you're a foreskin if you stay on Chuck's side here.

ChuckJerry said...

For the record, is that an attached or unattached foreskin?

Open Bar said...

Attached, obviously. If it were unattached, I would have had to say "pile of foreskins" instead.

Anonymous said...

I assume that you can't run the labels twice on the left, once alphabetically, and then once numerically? You could have your foreskin and eat it too.