Friday, February 27, 2009

Passive Aggression

To recap, we've been discussing the best way to sort the tags on the blog. I feel they should be sorted alphabetically, while Open Bar feels they should be sorted numerically. Anyhow, I've decided to let the whole thing go...sort of.

I decided early on in the blog that I wouldn't put my name in the tags of the posts I made. I felt like it was easy enough to find the posts that I wrote. Anyway, this is unimportant except that now things have changed, biotches.

Please to enjoy the tag list with "chuckjerry" as the number one most used tag. You're asking yourself, "ChuckJerry, did you really go through the whole archive and edit every post that you wrote by putting your name in the tag list?" The answer is yes. Now you're asking yourself, "ChuckJerry, was it worth it?" Again, undoubtedly yes.

You have my personal guarantee that my name will be on the top of that list for as long as the tags are sorted numerically. That's not a threat. I'm not suggesting that anyone change it. It's simply a statement of fact.


Open Bar said...

I get the idea that if I went back and put my tag on every post I ever put up -- there've been many short ones and classic videos where I left my name off -- I might come out ahead, so you might consider tossing around your personal guarantee a tad more carefully. I don't want to have to go through another trial in Side Bar's driveway again. That shit was fun, but exhausting.

ChuckJerry said...

My guarantee has never been on trial. Pretty sure that was Diesal.

And I will post as often as necessary to keep my name on top.

Side Bar said...

An irresponsible and dangerous use of the personal guarantee. You're better than that. Separate post to follow.

The Notorious LJT said...

well as long as chuck posts enough to stay on top, it's fine.

the gauntlet has been thrown open bar. stakes is high.

ChuckJerry said...

I think it's neither irresponsible nor dangerous. I wouldn't personally guarantee unless I was willing to ante up.

Though I did go and look at all those classic videos. If Open goes in and re-tags those, then I'll have some posting to do.